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In this basic level class we break down fundamental postures and movements to prepare you for your future Flovs. “But am I flexible enoug-” sshht! Yoga isn’t about touching your toes. Designed for the beginner, but great for anyone looking to further develop basic postures with extra instruction at a slightly slower pace.

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This is a modern, dynamic and fun Flov, matching your breath to the movement and your movement to the music. Our classes are set to intentionally curated soul awakening playlists. Minimum 2 months of consistent Beginner Flov practice required.

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This master class will prepare your to have a better understanding of your chakras symbolically and physically . You will be experiencing body-mind connection and will try fun and challenging asanas. By the end of the Flov, you will be prepared for a sensational chakra meditation. Have a glimpse of your unbound potential. Minimum 6 months of consistent All Levels Flov practice required.

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Zen is a blend of many out of the ordinary breathing techniques and yin-restorative yoga asanas to observe the body, relax and be in the present moment. With this gentle yet deep practice you will free from feelings that create blockages, experience a stretch in all layers and strengthen your emotional manifestations.

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Candlelit Flov: curtains down, candles only. A journey to your higher self. All Levels.

Hangover Flov: This sequence will balance your energy levels when you had a rough night and not feeling your best. All levels welcome including beginners.

Sunrise Flov; Sun salutations for early risers. Beginners welcome.

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By taking inspiration from nature, human and animal figures; kids will play and perform yoga poses with partners. As they listen to stories simultaneously, they will be strengthening their bodies, connecting with each other and having a fun time.