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This ancient holistic healing modality uses the innate gifts of minerals to raise individuals vibrations on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Crystals activate the bodies inherent ability to rebalance and heal itself. In this 1 hour session your Aura will be aligned, clearing chakras and energy fields.

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For those who would like to deepen their practice with a one on one class or those who want to have their own yoga kula.

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Tranformational Breath is a technique that allows one to heal herself through her own breath. The body is detoxified and relaxed with increased levels of oxygen in the system. Suppressed emotions get released and connection is strengthened with the divine self. In this one and a half hour session, one will feel more serene, joyful, confident and energetic.

For private session inquiries;
email us at 10 days prior to your desired date

and we will be informing you about available times.