Studio Etiquette

Leave your judgements at the door and shoes at the reception.

No comparisons. Don't worry about what the yogi next to you is doing.

Be on time to honor your practice. To protect the rhythm and flow, the studio doors are closed at the starting time of the class.

If there’s a class going on when you arrive, please speak and move like there are 30 babies sleeping inside.

Leave your phone in your locker. Let the outside world wait in this time you take for yourself.

Gossiping is absolutely prohibited. XoXo

Stay for Savasana. It isn't just a cool down, it’s where you let your soul celebrate.

Clean, roll and place your mat back in the storage boxes just as you found it so that the yogi after you can find the studio as just beautiful as you did.

What happens at Flov stays at Flov.

More about this when we meet in person.

Now, are you ready to Flov?